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Ugandan Cow Horn as a Green Product

Nakate is a business dedicated to helping underprivileged women through bringing their eco-friendly handmade goods to the high fashion market. Surprisingly, we’ve found just what we’re looking for in jewelry made from the horns of an East African breed of cattle called the Ankole Watusi.

January 3rd

Talkin Eco-Undies

Why should you consider eco-friendly underwear? A lively show threaded through with the theme of eco-friendly underwear. We talked about organic cotton v. conventionally grown cotton and this gave us some great reasons to consider this type of earth friendly underwear and clothing in general.

October 25th

Raven + Lily: A Fusion of Compassion and Design

In Ethiopia, the sick travel to Entoto mountain by the thousands. There, on the highest peak overlooking Addis Ababa, it is said that a pool of holy water can cure HIV/AIDS. For women that remain unhealed by the pool, ostracized by their families and without financial hope, design company Raven + Lily is providing a different kind of healing.

August 30th

Feelgood Quickie: Vegan Boots from Arcopédico

Vegan shoe shopping can be a little bit tricky, and the downside of vegan shoes is that companies also replace leather with vinyl, which is a petroleum product. That’s why I was super-excited to learn about Arcopédico, a company that makes vegan boots with a focus on the eco-friendly!

July 27th