Author: Paige Donner

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Greening Hollywood: Guild by Guild Beauty au Natural

Paige Donner presented the panel Greening Hollywood: Guild by Guild in Santa Monica. Paige, Founder of Greening Hollywood, invited panelists who are members of the Hollywood Makeup and Hairstylist’s Guild, I.A.T.S.E. Local 706 to speak about clean and green make up use on film and tv sets. Moderated by Rachelle Carson-Begley – co-star of Living With Ed.

June 17th

Greening Hollywood: Sea Spa is for Mermaids and More

The Sea Spa at Santa Monica’s Casa Del Mar encourages a regimen of wellness for the everyday traveler. These hoteliers have given it some considerable thought and arrived at their  modern philosophy that, even though you’re a traveler, even though you’re away from home, you needn’t sacrifice your sense of well being nor suffer a […]

May 27th