Author: Jill Ettinger

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Sustainable Fashion from the Sea and Landfills

Madrid-based ECOALF is rocking the fashion world by taking sustainable fashion to a whole new level. Javier Goyeneche, the 44-year-old Spanish entrepreneur behind ECOALF, is using trash to create high-end, durable fashion. NPR reports: The company — named after Goyeneche’s first son, Alfredo — was only a concept five years ago, but today, two years […]

January 9th

Thrift Stores for Holiday Shopping: Yea or Nay?

One of the biggest steps we can take in slowing climate change’s impact is in reducing our consumption. In a country where the free market is our holiest of religions, that can be a hard thing for many of us to consider, let alone do. Opting for secondhand used items from thrift stores instead of brand new—even if it’s ‘eco’—is better for the environment, plain and simple. But what about when it comes to gifting for the holidays?

December 5th