Author: Jeff McIntire-Strasburg

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Hey, Prince William and Kate… How about a Green Wedding?

Just in case you’ve been totally off the grid in recent days, there’s a royal wedding on the horizon: Great Britain’s Prince William and long-time girlfriend Kate Middleton announced their engagement this week. While the royal family is already hinting that this wedding won’t be the extravaganza seen in 1981 when Prince Charles married Princess Diana, there’s no doubt this will be a big affair… with a big carbon footprint to accompany it.

November 22nd

Solar Watches that are Chic (not Geek)

If you’re under the impression that a solar-powered watch is a fashion accessory most appropriate for a Star Trek convention, you’ve got no reason to apologize… a quick look at the history of these timepieces shows that gadgetry often overtook style in the development of sun-powered wrist watches. Just take a look at some of […]

Life Goggles: Envirosax Reusable Shopping Bags

Editor’s note: OK, most of us probably don’t really consider shopping bags an accessory. According to our friends at Life Goggles, though, Envirosax bags aren’t just functional and reusable — they’re also real eye-catchers! This post was originally published on Monday, May 26, 2008. If you really like these bags, make sure to check out […]

Life Goggles: Recycled Glass Home Decor from Couronne Co.

Editor’s note: This week, our friends at Life Goggles make another find: Couronne Co glassware. The company’s decorative items (vases, jars, bottles, etc.) are all beautiful, affordable and sustainable: they’re made from recycled glass. This post was originally published on May 14, 2008. Couronne Co make glass bottles, vases, jars, bowls and candle holders from […]

Life Goggles: Can Your Wear Leather Shoes, and Still be Green?

Editor’s note: Leather hasn’t come under quite the scrutiny of other animal products like fur, but our friends at Life Goggles ask a good question today: should an environmentalist wear the stuff? To answer the question, LG blogger Adam interviews Katleen Baum of georgette, a Belgian store that specializes in “animal friendly footwear.” This post […]

Life Goggles: The Solar Shaver

Editor’s note: OK, most of the posts here at Feelgood Style are directed at women, but the guys like to look good, too (well, occasionally). This week, our friends at Life Goggles found a great product for the well-groomed greenie: a solar-powered electric shaver. This post was originally published on Monday, April 21st, 2008. I […]

Life Goggles: Beyond Organic Hydrating Body Oil

Editor’s note: Normally, we publish our weekly post from Life Goggles on sustainablog, but today’s product review definitely belongs here at Feelgood Style. Life Goggler Adam takes asks his friend Claire to use and review UK-based Beyond Organic’s Hydrating Body Oil. This post was originally published on Friday, April 20, 2008. Following on our look […]