Author: Gennefer Gross

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Kenneth Cole’s Awearness Initiative Reveals the Philanthropy Behind the Fashion

When you think of Kenneth Cole, timeless fashion, trendsetting shoes and stylish accessories likely leap to mind.  Their commitment to the environment and their eco-tote likely do not top your list.  But behind the well designed exterior lies a philanthropic soul, intent on sparking social change — and helping others do it, too. Their recent launch […]

January 22nd

Meet one of the Madras behind M641 Clothing: Vegetarian-inspired fashion with an eco-twist.

Going green isn’t as difficult as it used to be with the array of vegetarian delights and eco-friendly products available on the market today, and environmentally-conscious clothing is becoming as popular as the fashions themselves. But M641 takes it one step further with a philosophical approach to designing clothes that are living, breathing representations of the spirit, […]

November 30th

Handmade Soaps: Health and Happiness for You and the Environment

With green living, homeopathy and natural alternatives growing in popularity, soap makers are springing up around the world, concocting magical creations of coconut and lime in gleaming, glycerin-infused goodness that cleanse the body, mind and soul.  Oh, and your hands too! Growing up in my house, ‘handmade’ soap consisted of my mother gathering up all the remaining […]

November 14th

Expanding the Fashion EcoSphere: the eco-fashion compass points North for Vancouver Fashion Week

While eco-fashion is becoming more mainstream with an increasing number of environmentally conscious designers serving up sustainable styles and earth-friendly frocks, the runways are typically reserved for regaling the glitz and glam of overly indulgent attire. But this week, Vancouver turns the spotlight on sustainability with its first ever eco-focused fashion night, Friday, November 7th, […]

November 6th

Serving up Sustainable Vacations, Hold the Backpacks and Granola

In the past, hearing the phrase ‘eco-travel’ likely conjured up images of backpacking along some earthy trail or setting up a tent on open terrain. You probably never envisioned white sandy beaches, deep blue oceans, or a gleaming beacon of 5-star luxury beckoning you to paradise.  Sure, there are still plenty of adventure tours and […]

November 5th

Green Goes Mainstream: Celebrities show that being eco-conscious is always in style.

Before being ‘green’ became fashionable, and terms like ‘eco-chic’ were coined, being environmentally conscious was synonymous with words like ‘granola’ and ‘treehugger,’ generalizing the eco-conscious crowd as a free-spirited-Birkenstock-wearing-Grateful-Dead-loving bunch of Liberal hippies chanting ‘Peace, man.’ But being green has definitely gone mainstream, and from celebs like Julia Louis-Dreyfus with her lavish, multi-million dollar solar-powered home, to Pierce Brosnan, aptly named […]

November 2nd

Lend a Helping Handbag: eco-friendly finds that fuse fashion with philanthropy

In the past, when you’ve thought about helping the environment, things like recycling, using rechargeable batteries, cutting back on your power and water usage, and carpooling or bicycling to reduce pollution probably leapt to mind.  I doubt that carrying a chic, designer bag topped your list.  But with all of the eco-minded designers popping up, using alternative […]

October 23rd