Author: Emily Konkler

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Samsung Reclaim- My Newest “Green Accessory”

[social_buttons] Cellphones. My generation’s “must have” accessory. I have yet to jump on the iPhone bandwagon. In fact, I once dated a boy with a Blackberry and found myself resenting the phone for all it’s gadgets that consumed most of his time. (Don’t worry. I’ve since worked on my Blackberry resentment. In fact, I realized […]

January 9th

Julia Stiles Styles

Thanks to EcoStiletto‘s “Best of 2009” post, I was able to catch a video of Julia Stiles that I previously missed. For anyone else who may have missed Julia’s breathtaking debut as an eco-friendly fashion designer, catch up to the rest of the eco-world by watching the following short film!

January 5th

Vegan Boots for All Budgets

[social_buttons] I’ve really enjoyed getting to know my new co-worker this past week. Sarah, a vegan and downright organic romantic, is on the hunt for super stylin’ vegan boots without the super expensive price tag. So, I’ve put on my internet hunting garb (the Popomomo Sleuthing Dress) and have come up with a nice range […]

December 28th

Wai-Ching Avant Garde Wedding Gowns

On Saturday, the most influential woman in my life is getting married. The love that radiates between her and her hubby-to-be is intoxicating- inspiring me to treat not only my boyfriend, but everyone in my life with as much respect and adoration as she does. With her wedding on my mind, I find my thoughts […]

December 24th

Ideo Onesie’s for the Eco-Conscious Baby

[social_buttons] Calling all eco-wannabe French-stylish babies– I’ve found the most fashion forward organic onesie’s on the market. Want to impress your fellow crawlers, nappers, criers and teether’s? Well, dress to impress with Ideo’s, a fair trade French brand, dazzling mix of onesie’s. Donned in organic cotton and hip French phrases-you’re sure to be the envy […]

December 14th

Species by the Thousands

[social_buttons] Dear Santa- All I want for Christmas is every available piece from Species by the Thousands. What’s that you say Santa? What is Species by the Thousands? Only the most unique jewelry/clothing line that uses recycled materials, including scrap metal. And Santa? Feel free to drop some SBTT jewelry into other chimneys as well. […]

November 19th

American Apparel Sustainable Edition

[social_buttons] Okay, so, I feel sheepish. The last article I posted I claimed that American Apparel is not eco-friendly. To my delighted surprise, American Apparel carries an organic line called The Sustainable Edition. This is not new news, but well, it’s new to me. I love American Apparel, so I’m incredibly pleased to know that […]

November 10th

Welcome to the Party in My Pants.

[social_buttons] I know…a pretty abrasive title for Feelgood Style. You may be asking yourself, “Come on Emily, is that appropriate?” I assure you, it is. In fact, Party in my Pants is the title of the newest eco-product I have accumulated into my little eco-goody inventory. So, dear Feelgood Style readers…I introduce you to Party […]

October 17th

Fall-ing For Bodkin

[social_buttons] I’ve always been thoroughly impressed with Bodkin. It’s one of those lines that I wish I could be the designer of (that would be a rather large boost to my ego) or at least own every single item they create. Even while perusing Bodkin’s website I get giddy with a slight bit of down […]

October 1st

Mr. Larkin- An Eco Project

[social_buttons] This morning, I went to work per usual. Miss Terri Bly, the glorious woman that she is, had so thoughtfully signed me up for Ecouterre’s eco-fashion magazine. Let me just formally say this, thank you Terri, you sweet sweet intuitive woman. Upon going to the site, which is fantastic, I fatefully came across Mr. […]

September 24th

Olsenhaus- Pure Vegan Shoes

  [social_buttons] I must admit, I spend most of my time drooling over clothing, pondering the possibilities of how to achieve the perfect eco-style. Recently, I came across Olsenhaus and my mind has wandered from high-waisted skirts and rock-star dresses to shoes. Not just shoes, mind you, but vegan, sexy, eye-bulging, stomach-fluttering shoes that gave me […]

September 21st