Author: Delia Montgomery

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Eco-Friendly Fine Art by Sandhi Schimmel Gold

Sandhi Shimmel creates beautiful portraits from upcycled paper that might otherwise go to waste, each made from thousands of unrelated images and text. Assembled like a mosaic, an entirely new portrait, landscape or fantasy image is created from Sandhi’s imagination. She has a natural affinity for color.

August 25th

Yoga and Aroma

Attention yoga instructors! … and students. Founder Tanja Bochnig of April Aromatics has been very busy with progressive changes in her life. In the past two years she expanded her AromaYoga offerings, refined products and re-designed her packaging. There are so many wonderful products, that I could write a book. Today, however, the focus is […]

July 26th

Audible Fabric and Designer Deborah Lindquist

Although I’ve been an admirer of designer Deborah Lindquist since she launched her first eco-conscious clothing collection in 2004, I shied from writing since so many others were on it. She’s deservedly featured on most every eco fashion blog every season. And oh boy, the creation of her Green Bride collection was the ultimate for […]

July 5th

Soft Footprint from Naya Shoes

Naya is into the combo of beauty and comfort, ‒ all while respecting the well-being of our environment. This is a footwear company for women that softens footprints! The colors are rich and vibrant with unique and creative details. There are six collections on the Naya site now. The final picture is a glimpse of […]

June 24th

Introducing Willian by Designer Keia Bounds-Thompson

Willian, a ready-to-wear women’s fashion business headquartered in New Jersey, utilizes a variety of natural and organic fabrics, often combined with vintage materials reworked into contemporary silhouettes. Designer Keia Bounds-Thompson, also proprietor, sought a a sustainable fabric consultant. With her sweatshop-free and eco-friendly vision, Keia and partner James Thompson embraced 100% certified organic with natural […]

May 31st

Yurt Living: Solar Power Potential

Solar power potential is active in many minds these days. It really makes sense for the yurt lifestyle, but creativity is required since you can’t rest solar panels on a fabric/vinyl yurt roof. Here stands John M. Brown on his yurt site in Glenville, West Virginia. He is so kind to share his knowledge on […]

January 27th

Natural Dyes Are Healthier in Peru

Daniella and Ricardo Calmet manage their company Ecotintes in Lima, Peru. They provide unique natural dye services to benefit environmentally conscious designers and businesses. That includes dyes for finished garments and skeins of yarn. Additionally, silkscreen and shibori methods are offered. Shibori is a technique that blocks some areas of material to prevent it from […]

January 23rd

Eco-Friendly Sugarcane Pet Bowls

What a great new earth-friendly and stylish product! Introducing FLOAA Dish-sposables made from sugarcane. Yet it’s not just the material that’s eco-inventive, but the design. The bowl’s cavity catches the excess incase you happen to pour too much food or water in it. Perfect to prevent messes, especially for travelers. They’re stack-able and reusable too.

January 12th

Yurt Living: Interior Clay Wall Decor

There are a number of reasons to have single or several walls in a yurt, ‒ whether it be residential, commercial, or otherwise. And if you’ve been following the Yurt Living series, you know those walls are more like partitions, not flush with the ceiling. Sounds restricting, but actually not so.

December 19th

Luxurious Cork Fabric

Cork production methods continuously change, yet harvesting practices remain. Such a fine example of merging cultural respect with new technologies is Corx. This is a company in Sonoma, California with production in Portugal. There they make a new material, cork fabric. The fabric is organic and renewable, with characteristics similar to leather.

December 18th