Author: Cynthia Shahan

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Sublime Performance Art, Tattoo, and Body Painting, where Myth meets Ideal as Signatures on Flesh

Personal expression via the skin is a subtle form of performance art. Tattoo or paint on the skin is ageless, marking fertility rights, Martial celebrations, war games, theatrical works, rites of passage, and ritual indigenous celebrations. Today, more than ever before, as portals, these individualist decorative guides offer signs to inner metaphors and generous poetic […]

May 2nd

Yellow Glass Necklace, Golden Mira

Golden Mira and Yellow Glass Golden Lady lights from centerpoint of one heart, empowered Still Sphinx. More alive; she rides time from galaxies away into a heart of our life. Her horse hidden now Her mask in place. Shape-shifting, Golden her spirit. Juicy glow yellow cut glass, round her neck, in love — we rise loving her. […]

April 24th

Pearls, Moon, Water, and Stone

Fresh Water. One pearl. Desire we all have innately. Two Pearls. Longing for oceanic nourishment, longing for satiation of the senses. Three pearls. Water nourishes the senses, our essence, the sublime.  More pearls. The sublime nourishes the spirit and the spirit engages with life. Pearls illuminate our wrist, our neck, but also balance our emotions. Pearls are […]

April 22nd

Babbles, Bangles, and Recycled Glass Beads

[social_buttons] Beauty is found in the eye of the beholder. Simply found in the breath of a canyon, the length of the calf, or the treasure one finds on the rack at the local thrift store. Clothes that have become valueless to one offer a new experience to another. Sea glass, all glass, once sand,  now more […]

April 14th