Your New Signature Scent

Selecting scent is individual and should be fun.  It is not a necessity so should not be treated as such.  The idea here is:  Indulge and enjoy.

I recently had the pleasure of trying A Perfume Organic perfumes.  Emma first reported on these little beauties here, and I just had to back her up and throw in my two (s)cents on the individual fragrances.

Sampling A Perfume Organic perfumes was definitely a pleasure.  Organic perfumer, Amanda Walker, has created a line of USDA Certified Organic perfumes that are healthy alternatives to synthetic perfumes.  Conventional perfumes contain phthalates, petro-chemicals, and acetone which have been linked to such health issues as migraines, asthma, birth defects, and cancer.

Amanda has studied with Master Perfumers and distillers who still believe in the practice of creating perfumes from flowers, fruits, herbs, and spices.  A Perfume Organic perfumes contain only the best quality plant ingredients, are vegan certified, and hand-poured in small batches for purity and freshness.  Each is packaged in a seed-infused container so you can plant the package, rather than discard.

Green is the line’s signature scent – a fresh combination of “citrus fruits, rare spices and precious herbs from the West Coast, inspired by an amazing, and unforgettable hike in Silver Falls, Oregon.”  A light, clean scent that appeals to most.  If you prefer a sweeter scent Urban Organic is likely for you, with notes of lemon, lime, ginger, and vetiver.  White Magik includes essence of jasmine, sage, and spearmint.  A complex, woodsy aroma that is at once dusky and light. 

My favorite of the bunch is Wine – Rosé, an intoxicating blend of rich spices and fruits.  I always go for the warm, foody, “brown” perfumes and this delicious concoction is all that.  It conjures the holidays, something yummy simmering on the stove, a cinnamon-nutmegy spice scent.  This is almost exactly the essential oil blend I created over the years using different essential oils.  Only Amanda’s perfumes have a luxurious quality that combines the individual scents to create one beautifully unified bouquet.  Like all of your favorite oils perfectly married into one fabulously distinctive scent.

Part of the reason spicy scents appeal to me is because of their warmness, and if you are scent-sensitive, this is very important.  The cool thing about Amanda’s perfumes is the soft finish.  Once on the skin they seem to instantly penetrate and meld with your natural warmness.  This creates a soft, almost powdery, aroma.  Very delicate, not at all over-whelming.

Can’t decide which perfume to try?  The Sample Set includes a vial of each of the four A Perfume Organic scents, and at only $15.  The perfect way to try them all and discover your new signature scent.

Image:  Sascha W. at, Creative Commons license.

Written by Liz Thompson

I am an organic beauty expert, writer, and mom of two young environmentalists who can already spot a toxic product when they see one. Read more about me at Organic Beauty, and find me on , Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.


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