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Winter Skin Care: Sun Protection

badger sunscreen

3. Badger Natural and Organic SPF 30 For Face and Body

Olive oil and jojoba oil combine to make a rich and creamy sunscreen perfect for playing outside in the winter time. This sunscreen also has a great lavender scent, which is nice for a little winter pick me up.¬†Wearing a stronger SPF on your body when you’re outside for extended periods of time is essential, even in the winter. I’ve been snowboarding or sledding many times when I’ve become warm enough to be down to just a long sleeve shirt. Sun rays can still find their way through thin layers of clothing so why not slather on some extra protection.

Even though you bundle up to leave your house this time of year, sunscreen should still be a part of your daily beauty routine. Do you remember to wear your sunscreen during winter? Do you have any favorite sun care products that you like to use? I would love to hear about them, feel free to leave some links and comments.

[Sun image by mbowman64 via Flickr Creative Commons, Face sunscreen image via Alba Botanica, Lip balm image via Burt’s Bees, Sunscreen image via Badger]

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