Will Project Runway feature size 12 models? Tim Gunn hopes so!

Will Project Runway feature size 12 models? Tim Gunn hopes so!

Project Runway – like the rest of the fashion world – tends to focus on size zero to two. What if the popular fashion series featured size 12 models?

Tim Gunn’s comment in a Hollywood Reporter roundtable on reality shows has been all over fashion blogs. When asked what sort of reality show he wished he could do but hasn’t yet, Gunn responded:

“I would like to do a season of Project Runway where every model is larger than a size 12.”

It was one sentence in an otherwise unrelated interview, but it seems to be striking a cord, and that makes a lot of sense. The average American woman wears a size 14. Women are so ashamed of their bodies that putting on a swimsuit to play in the pool with your kids is considered challenge-worthy. Of course we want to see average sized women represented in fashion!

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To its credit, Project Runway has at least one plus size challenge per season. There seems to always be one designer who can’t bear to design clothing for a woman that isn’t shaped like a mannequin, but Tim Gunn and (usually) the other designers do a good job of giving that person some perspective.

Project Runway is about launching fashion careers, and I like that idea of rewarding designers who know how to work with a variety of women’s bodies. Because sure, some women wear a size zero to two. But some of us are a size six. Some of us wear a 12. And we all need clothes that fit, y’all.

What do you guys think? Should Project Runway do a size 12 season? Take our poll!


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