Reader Question: Where can I donate my wedding dress?

where can I donate my wedding dress

A conventional wedding is pretty far from eco-friendly. From the decor to the food, there is lots of waste involved, and you could say that the wedding dress sort of embodies that wastefulness. It’s a beautiful, usually expensive dress meant to be worn exactly one time. One simple way to make your wedding a bit greener is to donate your wedding dress, so that someone else can also wear it down the aisle!

A reader wrote in asking where she could donate her wedding dress, and I bet there are other brides out there wondering the same thing. Not only are there places that take wedding dresses as donations, but many donate part or even all of the proceeds to worthy causes. Here are a few wedding dress donation options that look really good.

Brides Against Breast Cancer

Turn your worn wedding dress into hope for someone struggling with breast cancer. Brides Against Breast Cancer uses the proceeds to help fund breast cancer research and Cancer Support Community.

Adorned in Grace

You can donate your dress to the resale shop Adorned in Grace, and they donate proceeds from the sale to fight human trafficking.

The Bridal Garden

Support Sheltering Arms Children’s service by donating your wedding dress to The Bridal Garden. Sheltering Arms helps kids in need get access to better education and helps give families access to child care.

Have any of you donated your wedding dresses to support a charity that you believe in? I’d love to hear more ideas in the comments!

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