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When is enough…enough?

when enough is enough

I am at a point in my personal journey (I won’t be so bold as to call it growth just yet) where each day I catch a glimpse of how my life is. As a “type A”  I question whether I’m happy and satisfied: Is there something still missing, something I yearn to experience, to have or to know?

My days are far too preoccupied with unnecessary worry and definitely unnecessary stress–all those zillion things that “need” to get done, the never-ending bills that really do have to be paid. Do you ever feel that way?  Like you’re endlessly chasing after who knows what half the time instead of just taking a moment to truly appreciate the life that you’ve created?

Intuitively realizing what that means and having a personal understanding of when enough really is enough is being able to recognize and identify with what you have now in life, no matter where you’re at. I’m discovering that choosing to be satisfied with your life right now is more doable with an authentic, positive attitude and by setting some attainable personal goals.

When you find yourself dipping into that half empty, “I’m not enough yet” place, it’s important to stop those negative mind swirls and realize there is time and there is enough right now. Adapting and accepting where you are can help to get you to the place and space where you can focus on reaching your true potential.

1. Shout Out and Celebrate Your Efforts

When good things happen–when we are offered that new job or get a fabulous new promotion or win the contract–it’s absolutely essential that you celebrate that achievement!

If you don’t have anyone at the moment to toast your good fortune, treat yourself to a day enjoying who you are and reflecting on your special accomplishment. We are programmed to always outdo our last accomplishment, but taking the time to really experience the sense of personal satisfaction from reaching your goal before you move on is so important.

2. Be Optimistic and Strive for Positive Responses

Negative and sometimes disastrous things can happen to everyone, but how your choose to handle these situations can keep you from being super reactive and ultimately give you a strong sense of perspective to adjust and turn the challenging situation around.

When you experience a setback–and in tough times and transition we all do)–as easy as it can sound to say it, look at the scenario in an optimistic, mindful way, ask yourself how you can learn from this particular experience and choose to seek ways to grow stronger from it.

3. “You Time” is Just as Important

When you find that you’re really stressed with work or personal responsibilities, the first thing you’re likely inclined to give up is the ME time.

We are programmed to immediately neglect our own desires or wants that help us to maintain a sense of calm and focus in order to be all things to all people and to meet the high demands surrounding our lives. If you find you are telling yourself you’re too busy to go for a walk, a run, take a yoga class, sit and do a private, short meditation, or meet a friend for coffee, take another look and see where you can make the time.

As I have suggested in the past, creating a daily activities list and marking down “me time,” so you can capture those refuel and revive moments is crucial to steadying ourselves for all that we take on. Choose to focus on enjoying life’s experiences even for a few minutes a day to know you are taking care of you too.

4. If You Can’t See You Can’t Shift

If you happen to be someone who feels that everything has to be perfect and in its place in order for you to feel fulfilled you’re selling yourself short from having real, life changing experiences.

If you’re like me, you may get caught up in being affected by change and have trouble allowing yourself to “just let go” and adapt to change. You are not choosing to give yourself the opportunity to discover what can be a richer definition of personal satisfaction.

One of my favorite yoga masters and life coach, Elena Brower has a quote that I refer to often: “If we don’t look, we can’t see, and if we can’t see we won’t shift.” Take time to look on and reflect back on your achievements that have brought you to where you are today. This exercise helps give you a clear and solid perspective, and you’ll be able to feel proud of how far you’ve come along the way to being a stronger, more confident and more balanced as an individual.

How you feel about your own inner fabulousness is truly the key to opening the door to your happiness and prosperity. Understanding “enough” as nothing more than a simple principle of how to conduct your life allows you to bring in to the scenario the qualities that may be different from others, and still be highly effective and individually satisfied and valuable to you. We can gauge how much is “enough” by how we feel. When you feel good inside, when you are nonreactive and looking toward your future positively and optimistically, enough really is enough.

Just a note: There is definitely no issue whatsoever with wanting more or striving for greater achievements. Wanting to see the rewards from all your hard work is healthy. What’s important to know is that when enough really is enough, it’s perfectly fine to step back and enjoy the moment. Be intuitive and listen to yourself; you’ll know deep down when enough is enough and you’ll know too when it’s time to ask for or strive for more.

Life is an ever-constant changing force, and with each new situation or experience our relationship to “enough” will change. When we are feeling positive about where we are being adequate and OK, we elevate our own personal development.

Feeling genuinely good and confident about when enough is enough is truly about our self-acceptance and inner security, with an enthusiasm for life to open up to new opportunities and constant evolution. Listen to yourself – you’ll know how you feel and you’ll know when it’s good to say enough is really enough for me today.

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Written by Lisa Pool

A "re-branding" agent and free lance writer, Lisa Pool works with clients to master their image and teaches on the DIY way to successful marketing and small business promotions. Lisa will be releasing her book "Sweet Bedlam - the epic road from fear to inner peace and personal success" spring 2012. Lisa loves her yoga, running and learning to balance the single mom life.

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