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What’s Your Winter Skin Routine?

baking soda

2. Exfoliating

In general, it’s good to exfoliate your skin about once a week to slough away any of the dead skin cells. You can do it more or less depending on your skin type, of course, but doing it too much can damage your skin. There is definitely too much of a good thing when it comes to skin care too! In the winter, though, dry and flaky skin is more prevalent. If you need to amp up your exfoliating to a couple of times a week, you should switch to a gentler exfoliant. Use a warm and damp washcloth to wipe your facial cleanser off. You’ll still reap the exfoliating benefits from the washcloth but it will be much gentler on the skin. Alternatively, you can add a 1/2 a teaspoon or so of baking soda to any face wash that you use to create a gentle exfoliator. 

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Written by Maria

Hey there! I'm Maria Raffaelle and I currently live in Chicago, IL. I have a passion for all things eco-friendly in makeup, skincare, haircare, and fashion. The crafter in me loves to put a DIY twist on beauty too! One of my goals is to help women realize that they are all beautiful; no matter their size, shape, or skin. Let's celebrate the beauty in each of us, together!

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