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What Your Acne Is Telling You and Natural DIY Solutions To Combat Blemishes


Where your acne pops up on your face can point to some internal issues that may need tending to! Here’s to know what your acne may be telling you and natural ways to combat those pesky blemishes.

Even as adults, we can all be prone to acne and breakouts. What you may not know, though, is that perhaps your acne is trying to tell you something about what’s going on inside your body. Your face is a sort of map to what’s going on internally, so it’s important to know what your face and skin is trying to tell you. Here is a really great image and guide, via The Beauty Gypsy, that helps to decode your face’s map.

Once you’ve determined what’s causing your acne and breakouts, it’s a great start to taking care of the problems from the inside out! To combat the breakouts that have already appeared, there are some great all-natural and DIY solutions to take care of that as well. Here are three natural and DIY breakout remedies to zap zits and blemishes.

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Written by Maria

Hey there! I'm Maria Raffaelle and I currently live in Chicago, IL. I have a passion for all things eco-friendly in makeup, skincare, haircare, and fashion. The crafter in me loves to put a DIY twist on beauty too! One of my goals is to help women realize that they are all beautiful; no matter their size, shape, or skin. Let's celebrate the beauty in each of us, together!

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