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Weekend Read Mini Style Hacker

Need a good weekend read?  I’m in love with this. So original + you just can’t quit looking at it.

He has great style and is totally adorable. Oh, and he’s four.

Ryker’s Mom, Collette Wixom, decided to dress her little dude up in stylin’ duds and recreate pics of male models from some of our favorite magazines and catalogs. And he has it down.

Collette says she gives him imaginative cues in order to get the look just right, but Ryker obviously has some posing skills of his own. This one is too much!

If you can, possibly, move past the cute factor, Mini Style Hacker offers some great fashion tips for dressing your boys. All items are tagged and most are of the Old Navy Gap variety.

Fun weekend reading. You seriously will not be able to stop. Let’s just say, this kid has a career cut out for him if he wants it.


[Image via Mini Style]

Written by Liz Thompson

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