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We Love Feelgood Tea Time :: Steep Mint, Green Tea, and Chamomile for Fresh Skin

Tea is so good for us to drink regularly, and tea also has amazing healing powers when applied on the skin. For example, mint tea is cleansing as a tea (with fresh mint leaves), a toner, and facial steam. It is especially delectable when combined with compliments like orange and lime:

  • Deep Steep Organic Moisture Stick (also featured here by Emma): Honeydew and Spearmint form a nice blend of sweet melon, and spearmint green tea, “& orange with a hint of lime. The perfect summertime scent for all year round. Gives lips loads of shine!” Offered at

  • Over the summer we learned that green tea is a powerful antioxidant toner for the skin. Try making a toner by steeping jasmine green tea, letting it cool and transferring it into a spritz bottle that you keep in the fridge. This is a great treat after yoga class.
  • Remember Yogi Tea? Well, not only do they have little “thought bites” attached to each teabag string, but they also include little yoga stretches for you to take a break with once in a while.
  • Chamomile will not only relax the mind, it will heal the skin. Try this light facial mask before sleep.

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Written by Lucille Chi

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