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Vintage Jewelry with a “Buzz Buzz” Twist

Kristen Billings, the founder and sole designer of Buzz Buzz Designs, believes “fashion doesn’t have to take itself too seriously.” She is inspired by vintage costume jewelry pieces worn by women of the 1920’s through the 1970’s who boldly showcased their individuality and personalities through their style.

The low cost of Lucite, a type of plastic invented in the 1930’s, gave all women the opportunity to feel glamorous and look beautiful without mining the Earth or hefty price tags. Plastics can be harmful to the environment if they are not disposed of carefully, so Billings does her part to save the planet by salvaging and reusing the materials in her modern designs.

The “Orbiting”necklace shown above is crafted from vintage 1960’s “moonglow” Lucite and a recycled chain. It is 17 inches long, but the color and length can be altered to fit your look. If you are not into necklaces, Buzz Buzz Designs also offers a diverse collection of earrings that will have you buzzing about them to your friends.

Each purchase is packaged in a sturdy, dual purpose tin, and there are no extra charges for shipping in the United States. Billings also includes a personal note to each customer “from buzz with love.”

In case you are wondering where the company gets its name, I’ll let you know. “Buzz Buzz” was Billings childhood name for bumblebees and a perfect description of her free-spirited attitude. And its fun to say!

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