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Victoria and David Beckham: Bird Poo Facials

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How do David Beckham and Posh Spice stay look so, well, posh? Bird Poo, it turns out, gives the soccer star and Spice Girl glowing skin.

Does it get any more ‘natural’ then that?

Victoria Beckham, the former Posh Spice, has recently begun using Geisha Facials, made from nightingale droppings, to combat the acne she’s had since she was a teenager. And now David Beckham, the LA Galaxy star, is getting into the bird poo too.

Because, people, it takes more than just 6 inch heels to look this good.

“Geisha Facials”, the somewhat racist-ly named treatments, are suppose to date back to the geishas of Japan covering their faces with bird poo to get that elusive pale and pearly look. On a recent trip to Japan, presumably to hype some line of clothing/perfume/shoes she’s put her name to, Posh Spice admired the local women’s skin.

Of course, bird poo facials, at $180 in New York, may not be the solution for the average woman. You could always just stand under a tree and wait for bird droppings to fall.

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