Vegan Nellie McKay’s Feelgood Music

I’ve been smitten with tunes from Nellie McKay ever since I heard “the dog song” on the morning addition of NPR’s Live in Studio 4A.

In addition, Nellie has also graced the pages of ecozine Sprig to talk about her vegan life with an interview on living beautifully as a very concerned vegan and talented musician. In the Sprig interview she explains how eating a steak has environmental impacts similar to driving a hummer, and reminded me of this article about the impact of the meat industry on the environment [NPR]. In the report they discuss research from Environmental Science and Technology news which indicated:

A relatively small dietary shift can accomplish about the same greenhouse gas reduction as eating locally…. Replacing red meat and dairy with chicken, fish, or eggs for one day per week reduces emissions equal to 760 miles per year of driving. And switching to vegetables one day per week cuts the equivalent of driving 1160 miles per year.

Just trying to change our habits in the right direction in any amount helps greatly. While musician Nellie McKay has gone fully Vegan, just making a small shift in our eating routine makes a great difference over time. Her Sprig interview really inspired me to share this with others that will benefit from this knowledge, and I will make sure to take action next time I am grocery shopping. McKay mentions we now have the power to inform others, change and share, even if at times we may to step out of our comfort zone, or busy lives, to help spread the message.

For more information on how to make the kind of healthy meal choices we’re talking about please visit our sister site Eat.Drink.Better.

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Written by Lucille Chi

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