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Vaute Couture’s Contest Winning Coat Now Available

When former model, Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, couldn’t find a warm winter coat to match her vegan lifestyle, she launched Vaute Couture. She started with a design challenge and an offer to produce the contest winning garments with portion of proceeds going to Farm Sanctuary. 108 entries, 20 finalists, and over 8,000 votes later, one of the three winning designs is now available for purchase.

The Awe Coat is a couture inspired creation made from non-traditional vegan and eco materials. It was produced using a fair trade seamstress and tailor center in Chicago, home of Vaute Couture’s headquarters. Inspired by the artwork of Julianna Luther, Chicago fashion illustrator at the SAIC, and interpreted by Catherine Furio, this piece is being custom made to measure and is constructed of shimmery organic fair trade bamboo and cotton velvet, with a vegan satin lining.  Available in Windy City Gray or Lake Effect White, you can expect your coat in 4 to 6 weeks and optional fittings are available in Chicago.


Due to a desire to make the other two designs in a more affordable price range than the special occasion Awe Coat, the Vaute pea coat and the El Chicago coat will be available next fall with the first Vaute Couture line being developed for boutiques. Rest assured, these pieces will also be produced in Chicago with eco friendly vegan materials using fair trade practices.

To order the Awe coat, see the winning designs, and find out more about Vaute Couture, visit or
For more information on the wool industry, visit

Image Credit: Vaute Couture

Written by Melissa Elliott

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