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Vapour Organic Beauty: Weightless Makeup, Flawless Complexion

It began with a leading cosmetic formulation company; one of those behind-the-scenes groups we never hear about, but who are responsible for realizing the dreams of makeup artists, models, and aspiring beauty moguls. Having spent the last 30 years pioneering natural and organic cosmetic technology, they decided it was time to come out from behind the curtain and create their own brand. What they needed was a beauty expert to partner with them, assist in the brand’s development, and represent it to the public.

Enter Eric Sakas, veteran makeup artist and long-time friend and colleague of Kevin Aucoin. He, too, had dreamed of creating a makeup line that successfully combined both glamour and health. Fate let him to Vapour Organic Beauty, where both a partnership and a complete line of 100% natural color cosmetics were born.

With the exception of the minerals used to impart color and a handful of botanicals not available with a certified organic designation, every ingredient – including Castor & Sunflower Oils, Myrrh, and Evening Primrose – is certified organic, designed to nourish the skin while imparting stunning, professional-quality color.

All packaging is recyclable, and the company’s facilities are wind-powered. I had the pleasure of meeing Eric and one of his Vapour colleagues at the studios of ShopNBC (another story for another day). There was no doubting their enthusiasm, as well as their confidence that this was indeed a revolutionary breakthrough in organic makeup. Intrigued (and, admittedly, a hair skeptical), I asked if I could take a few of the products for a test drive. Conclusion? This newcomer to the organic beauty world is One To Watch, no question about it.

The superstar of the line is most definitely the foundation. I’ve become a huge fan of foundation that comes in a handy, compact stick form, and Vapour Organic Beauty’s Atmosphere Luminous Foundation is no exception. I was delighted at its ability to provide perfect yet completely weightless coverage throughout the entire day (one might say it felt, a-hem, like vapor). I am very self-conscious about shine, and rarely leave the house without pressed powder and/or blotting papers in my purse, but needed neither with this foundation. My skin looked radiant, but never greasy, with nary a touch-up.

Perhaps it had something to do with Stratus, Vapour’s one-of-a-kind “instant skin perfector.” Similar to a primer, Stratus “instantly optically blurs lines, wrinkles & pores” when applied prior to the foundation. While I can’t say as it made any lines or wrinkles miraculously disappear, I do think it minimized the look of my cave-sized pores, and the foundation went on smooth as silk because of it. Most importantly, the combination of the two gave me a remarkably soft, glowing complexion all day long.

I am equally pleased with the Illusionist concealer, which is no small thing considering I recently fell victim to a hormone-related acne assault under my jawline. Weightless and smooth, this concealer blends instantly with my skin while effectively covering my unsightly red blotches. Under the eyes, it covered the dark areas without sliding into the creases.

The other products I tried – cream-based lipstick, blush, eyeshadow, and a Juicy Tubes-style lipgloss – also delivered solid results, if not quite as revolutionary as the foundation, perfector, and concealer. The color of the lipstick (Knockout) was gorgeous, but did not stay on as long as I would have liked. The blush and eyeshadow deliver solid matte color, although perhaps a bit lighter than I would want for evening glamour. It should be noted, however, that I did not have the entire line, so perhaps other colors – or a combination of them – could create the intensity I desire for special occasions. Finally, the lipgloss had great texture and color, but did not last long and my lips felt somewhat dry aferwards.

Considering Vapour launched mere weeks ago, their product line is truly impressive, positioning them to quickly become a top name in organic cosmetics. The packaging is sophisticated and modern, and the website conveys a fashion-forward aesthetic underlying their belief that organic makeup is ready to go mainstream. With companies like Vapour Organic Beauty entering the game, I’m happily inclined to believe them!

Written by Terri Bly

Terri Bly is the founder of The Nature of Beauty, LTD, an all-eco website, shop, and spa. She is a freelance writer, currently residing in Minneapolis.

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