Upcycled Awesomeness: The Base Project

The Base Project works with Namibian artisans to create beautiful fair trade bracelets made from upcycled water pipes. The Himba and Herero tribes benefit by learning sustainable businesses skills and their work generates income for community development projects focused on health care, clean water, sanitation, and education. The Base Project offers a great example of what inspired economists call the Triple Bottom Line: a business model that focuses on people, planet and profit. The triple bottom line of The Base Project? Old water pipes are kept out of landfills, reused in ways that respect the local culture and support community development, and the community and company both earn income. Everybody wins!

The bracelets come in 14 hand-carved designs that reflect the natural world of the Namibian landscape. The red and brown bracelets are the result of soil and sun exposure, and the black coloring is from the manufacturing processes. Our sister site Green Living Ideas is hosting a giveaway of three bracelets and one handmade bag– and today is the last day of the giveaway!


Thin Braclets

So if you are looking to add some funky, upcycled jewelry to your collection, check out the giveaway on Green Living Ideas and enter to win by liking The Base Project on Facebook, or following them on Twitter or Instagram. The contest started March 18 and ends March 25, midnight Hawaii time (that’s two hours past PST!) Good luck!

Wear Your Impact

Written by Andrea Bertoli

Vegetarian chef, educator, blogger, and yogi based on the gathering isle of Oahu. Follow her foodie adventures at Vibrant Wellness Journal, Vibrant Wellness Education, Green Living Ideas and Green UPGRADER. Find more from Andrea on Facebook, , Instagram and Twitter.

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