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Twobirds Bridesmaid: Kick the Ugly Bridesmaid Habit


Twobirds multifunctional and re-usable bridesmaid dresses


Recently, I find myself adoring every eco-chic wedding site available. Daydreams of my wedding fill my mind, do-it-yourself projects collect on my list of “things never to forget” and wedding dress designer’s names are burned to my brain.  But please, don’t tell my boyfriend.

During my numerous hours spent drooling over my computer I came across twobirds Bridesmaid, the most incredible-intuitive-mind-blowing-why didn’t I think of that myself- choice for bridesmaid dresses known to the human race.  Twobirds is simply this: one dress that can wrap over twelve unique ways with the ability to flatter any body type. Brilliant, right?

Twobirds Bridesmaid Dress-1 Dress Over 12 StylesIn 2007, designer and founder of twobirds, Ariane Goldman Finkel’s bridesmaids wore the multifunctional dresses at her own wedding. From the response, Ariane founded twobirds, the first truly re-usable bridesmaid dresses which are hand washable (forget dry cleaning) and handmade in the USA. Offering bandeau’s, flower girl dresses, groomsman ties and a monogramming service, twobirds is sure to be your one stop shop for all your wedding party needs.

No longer will any bridesmaid feel ugly- vacant with the lack of personal style and squeezed, pinned, or falling out of some miserable dress only to look back at photos years later and realize that no, it wasn’t just in her head.

Image credit: Twobirds Bridesmaid

Written by Emily Konkler

Born in a small town in southern Minnesota, which didn’t quite fit her fancy, Emily headed for New York City soon after high school. While living in New York City, Emily's keen fashion sense was harnessed, transforming from a hobby to a quintessential passion. Emily has been involved with the fashion industry in numerous aspects including modeling, styling and managing runway shows.

Emily lives with her boyfriend Matthew and her overweight cat, Sisu, in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She enjoys painting without talent, reading into the wee hours of the morning, rubbing Sisu behind her ears, sewing on her new machine, eating curry and naan whenever possible, wearing boots all year round, spending good ol’ quality time with her friends, drowning in organic cotton and giggling with her boyfriend.

Currently, Emily is a fashion design student and works at The Nature of Beauty-an organic beauty oasis, where her love for everything organic has flourished and taken her heart by storm. Follow her on Twitter @thekonks.


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