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The Social Fashion Revolution is a web2.0 Movement

Armed Angels

As my friend, Sustainable Lifestyle Guru and Karmakonsum founder Christoph Harrach states, the Green Fashion movement is a web2.0 movement. He calls it “Eco2.0”. Weather it’s true or not globally, in Germany most cool green fashion labels available are sold online.

Some labels go even further and let their customers be part of their communities deciding over styles, models, and where the money spent for charity goes to. Fair Trade clothing sold over music labels, online design contests, innovative ideas are getting so normal that we don’t even react. But isn’t it great to not only decide for wearing great clothes with a conscious feel, but also being able to connect to your clothing labels within social communities? In the end social fashion is starting to mean more than organic cotton, it can meanwhile mean that you as a costumer decide how the new collection looks!

One of my German favorites here are Armed Angels, who have a radical community approach combined with high ecological and social standards of their production and Fairliebt (“Fairly in love”), who sell simple Fair Trade shirts with a strong feeling for a new community of young, conscious buyers with a dedication to great style.

An another very innovative approach has the (not German) eco-fashion surf label NVOHK, who claim to be not only community based but community managed. You get your investments in the company back in shirts. 35% of the profits goes back to the people taking part in the community.

Internationally there has been a boom of new online selling green fashion labels, online boutiques and webshops. I counted over thousand green fashion brands and designers on the internet by now. The internet is taking over our daily fashions. Styles are spotted over blogs, and dedicated online fashionistas influence their beloved fashion designers without even knowing it.

Can we say we are changing the world, just by doing the same thing we always do: sitting behind our computers pressing about 60 different buttons all the time? Yes, we can! We are just doing it. Here the social fashion revolution starts. With a simple mouse click you become a green fashion chick. And if you like, you even decide what shirt is designed to be ready for you next month…

Written by Frans Prins

I am a green entrepreneur and creative activist living in Berlin, Germany. As managing director of the Grass Routes Foundation, I'm kick starting projects with a fusion of creativity and sustainability. Currently most projects are related to sustainability and fashion. We organize the Berlin Fair Fashion Affair and offer consultancy for fashion designers. I am also designing and blogging for the green fashion label Pamoyo.

My topics as a blogger: green fashion, style spotting, sustainability, LOHAS, sustainable textiles, fair trade, environmental issues, green design, Berlin, urban culture, social pioneers, creative projects, ethical consume, conscious lifestyle


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