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The Search for the Best Green Idiot-Proof Wallet

Last week, I had my wallet stolen for the second time in two months. This most recent wallet was a really cute one from Vy & Elle (at left), but now it’s gone, and I’ve decided that it’s just too depressing to purchase the same one again. Instead, I’m viewing this as an opportunity to do a comprehensive search for another fabulous eco-friendlier wallet; pretending, if you will, that this is just part of my job, rather than a huge hassle on top of all of the other hassles that come with having one’s wallet stolen.

After spending hours narrowing down my choices to 6 very cute, very functional options, I thought I would turn the decision part over to you. Below, in alphabetical order, are the finalists. If you find them all thoroughly underwhelming, please post any recommendations and I will certainly take a look! Who knows – by my calculations, I’m due for another pickpocketing event in early January, so I’ll need some good ideas for the next one, too.

1) Amykathryn Sweet Pea Wallet, $38. This custom-printed, vegan wallet made it to the Final Six because, well, it’s really cute, looks secure, and I like the clip idea. Perhaps I can keep it clipped to my purse, so that when the thief who keeps following me around makes a grab for it, s/he’ll get tripped up (assuming, as s/he clearly does, that I would never think to attach it to anything), and I’ll be able to open up a recyclable can of whoopa…moving on.

2) Fleurville Wallet in Azure, $28. With their recently patented eco-friendly fabric treatments, Fleurville is leading the way in combining three words we rarely find together: Eco-friendly, Parent-friendly, and Fashion-forward. Again, I’m liking the zip closure. Too bad there’s no clip. Still, it’s awfully pretty.

3) ReBagz Jasmine Rice Sack Wallet, $34. I wish I could find an interior pic of this one, but the concept is cool. They make highly durable, cute products from old rice bags, and donate proceeds to wonderful non-profits like the Breast Cancer Emergency Fund, which provides assistance to low-income American women with breast cancer who do not have access to adequate health insurance.

4) ReBagz All-In-One Wallet in Silver, $45. A bit spendy, but very roomy (they say there’s enough space to
hold a cell phone), and handmade from juice boxes. Love that! Plus, it’s waterproof, which would come in handy the next time I neglect to screw in the top of my water bottle properly before tossing it into my purse.

5) Silvi Designs Wallet in Angie, $40 on Etsy. It’s on Etsy – need I say more? This stunningly spacious wallet is handmade by a mother/daughter/daugther trio, which is so wholesome and delightful I can hardly stand it. I love that it has not one zipper, but two, PLUS a buckle, PLUS the option to add a strap and wear as a mini-purse or attach to an alarm system. It is a little big…does that make it easier to snatch?

6) ESPE Wallet in SOL, $28. Vegan, durable, really cute, and really simple. I like simple, and this one fits easily into my purse, giving it a no-fuss aspect to this wallet that I find really attractive.

And now it’s your turn to vote!

I wish I could post the poll right here, but to make it as easy as possible, all you have to do is click here, to the Nature of Beauty Blog (no strings attached, no registration necessary, you don’t even have to ready any of the other blog posts – it’s right there at the top of the blog), vote, and then you can head right back here to Feelgood Style! I will post the results here, of course, along with a review of the wallet I end up buying.

I, and whoever ends up with my wallet next, thank you in advance for your help!

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who voted/commented. Christy Coleman was the tie-breaker with her vote for Fleurville. I will be sure to post a review of this and other Fleurville products as soon as they arrive!

Written by Terri Bly

Terri Bly is the founder of The Nature of Beauty, LTD, an all-eco website, shop, and spa. She is a freelance writer, currently residing in Minneapolis.


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