The Organic Home

At the heart of The Organic Home is a clear motivation, the wish to share.

As the business grows and develops, the responsibility and potential will be divided between all our partners, both as experts in specific fields, and also as local and national coordinators.

Just as a seed, if carefully planted, tended and nurtured will grow into a beautiful tree, with deep and stable roots, so too will The Organic Home develop and grow – with a strong and stable basis, and with the potential for abundancy later in the season’s cycle.

Many initially small companies have started in a similar way, offering shares and profit sharing to all those involved in the process of growth and development – a wish to share and distribute the wealth generated by the business, in an even and friendly way.

With this in mind, The Organic Home is looking for partners with whom we can share and develop our vision.

We are developing many specialist websites within our ‘Organic Growth’ pages, in the fields of ‘Energy Can be Green’, ‘Climate Change’, ‘Organic 5 a Day’, ‘Green Motoring’, and many more…

So, if you have expertise and experience in any of these areas of specialist knowledge and are looking to becoming involved with a rapidly growing and developing business, email us today.

The Organic Home website, though initially conceived for the UK has generated interest from all over the World, and following this input we have decided to embark upon a programme of International expansion.

We shall license and franchise The Organic Home as a product label and brand identity, on a national and local basis, and to this end we are looking for partners in America, Canada, Europe, South Africa and Australasia.

The terms of our partnerships and franchise arrangements are generous and clear, offering a large percentage of the sales generated either from your area of specialist knowledge and experience, or as an overall country or area coordinator.

Also we are happy to learn from, and listen to you, and develop into areas that you might suggest – perhaps into the areas of ‘Green Charities’, ‘Green Telephones’, ‘Green Politics’, ‘Green Schools’ and more.

We are sharing and caring, true and honest at The Organic Home, and we seek those that wish to share our expansive and beautiful future with us. We are not looking for more than we need… If we can cover our needs, and have an amount to share with those around us, we are happy.

We bear all the costs of site development and maintenance, but will work and communicate closely with you to integrate your ideas and systems into our overall conceptual schematic.

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