The Most Practical Eco-Holiday Gift On Your List

All of us are trying to do our part in reducing unnecessary waste and, naturally, disposable plastic grocery bags are one of the items we’re cutting back on.  You may even have a few canvas totes you’ve already collected in the process.  But do your bags organize your grocery list for you?    (Read to bottom for 20% OFF)


I have recently discovered the Gro-Pak grocery bag system and I am absolutely in LOVE with this product line.  Made from 50% post-consumer PET products (plastic bottles), this grocery bag kit was designed by women who understand that functionality is what makes a good product GREAT.  This system makes the PERFECT holiday gift because it is functional, eco-friendly and anyone can use it.  Plus, with a wide range of prices, it can also make a great stocking stuffer due its compact nature.

What I love about this system….that, of course, had my husband rolling his eyes at me…is the organization of it all.  Each bag in the system has a slightly different purpose.  One for hot or cold items, one for produce, one for dry goods and another for on-the-go, emergencies.  When I get back from a shopping trip, everything is in it’s right place.  AND…my frozen goods don’t melt!!!

On their website you have a multitude of options.  You can choose from a variety of different sized kits or create your own by selecting different bags a la carte.  Prices range from $7.99-$79.99 with kits starting at $19.99.


The “Chil” bag is definitely the most ingenious.  This insulated bag will hold 3 plastic bags worth (or 1 paper bag) of frozen and chilled foods.  Frozen chicken, cold milk, chilled yogurt; this bag insulates the items and seals at the top via velcro in two different ways…once to seal and again to cover the seal with a flap.  And because it is constructed with a very strong canvas strap, this is really a bag that can be used for more than grocery shopping.  Use it for picnics, sporting events and to carry food over to a party.  When you don’t feel up to lugging around a big cooler, this bag will do overtime and make the trip easy.


My favorite bag has got to be the produce sack.  What I love about this smart pouch is that it replaces the one plastic bag we usually forget about…the produce bag!  If you aren’t at a farmer’s market, such as in the winter when less variety is available locally, you can use this bag while you’re shopping as a substitute to a plastic bag pulled off the rolls provided by the store in the veggie section.  It has a convenient nylon pull strap that secures your fruit and veggies inside the bag so they don’t roll out in your cart.  My only gripe?  It could be bigger.  In my household, we stock up on our veggies and it takes about 4 of these sacks to hold all of our produce.  Luckily, you can purchase extra sacks based on your needs for only $9.99 for two of them. 


The “pod” is very handy and would make a very affordable stocking stuffer at $9.99 each.  Only a few inches around when compacted, this bag unfolds to become a nice lightweight carrier that can fit easily inside any handbag or purse; ready to be utilized out at a moment’s notice.

What else makes the Gro-Pak system green?  The entire line of bags is third-party verified for carbon impact and 1% of sales are donated to

For 20% any gro-pak system, Feelgood Style readers can use code goodgift20.

About the Author
Katherine DalPra is an everyday eco-enthusiast and owner/designer of Green Diva, a socially responsible fashion and bridal jewelry boutique.

Written by Katherine DalPra

Kathy is an eco-enthusiast and the owner/designer for Green Diva Jewelry, an eco jewelry boutique featuring recycled, reclaimed, renewable and fair trade materials.

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