The Eco-Friendly Easter Basket

easter eggs

3. Egg Candy Containers

Shaking the little plastic eggs to hear the jellybeans and whoppers jingle about inside is one of the fun and surprising elements of Easter. It was fun not knowing what different candies your parents picked out for you! Unfortunately, those plastic eggs can’t be recycled and are more wasteful than they’re worth. Unless you have saved your eggs from Easters past, it may be best to explore new options. Over on Sew, Mama, Sew you can find instructions on crafting some secret fabric eggs. You won’t hear the jingle but the surprise will be just as nice. Why not have your kids find little containers, like mint tins or boxes, and have them decorate their very own candy containers.

The possibilities for an alternative Easter basket are endless. Only a few simple changes are needed to make this upcoming Easter holiday a little bit easier on the environment. You can easily keep the same traditions and update them for your eco way of life! What sort of steps are you taking to make Easter more eco-friendly? Do you have any other tips and tricks that you would like to share? I would love to read your ideas so feel free to leave any comments or links.

[Easter grass image by Niina C via Flickr Creative Commons, Basket image by dianecordell via Flickr Creative Commons, Plastic grass image by Lost Vegas via Flickr Creative Commons, Easter eggs image by catd_mitchell via Flickr Creative Commons]

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