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Green Beauty Fakers

We talked not too long ago about the Skin Deep Database as an excellent resource for discovering just how eco-friendly and healthy beauty products are. It looks like the Organic Consumers Association has taken things a step further, using the database to call out big name “green” beauty brands that could use a bit of […]

November 3rd

Tarte Cosmetics :: Greenwashing Experts or Simply Ignorant?

I don’t normally go after cosmetic lines who aren’t wholly organic & natural, preferring instead to celebrate the incremental steps that companies are making toward producing cleaner, healthier beauty products. However, when I see that certain brands are intentionally misleading consumers with grandiose, sweeping statements about how fabulously verdant their cosmetics are… well, let’s just […]

June 8th

Why Is It So Difficult To Find Ingredients For Victoria’s Secret New PINK BODY Line And Is It Really Organic???

I’m a believer in voting with our dollars to send companies a message about what we, as consumers, want and that message is ringing through loud and clear. Consumer demand guides retail decisions – plain and simple.  With organic beauty brands popping up at what seems to be lightning fast speeds these days, its evident consumers […]

April 6th

MTV Teaches Panama About Hypocrisy: Destroys Rainforest for Real World/Road Rules

Editor’s Note: MTV’s Rainforest story was also covered on our network by This US News headline — ‘Is MTV Being Hypocritical?’ — may seem a little obvious. But, this time, the mixed messages aren’t about body image issues or consumerism. The hypocrisy is about the environment. At the same time that people are praising […]

September 17th