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Suey's Scents: Awesome Aromas In Soy

Suey's Scents bath and Body productsSuey’s Scents offers highly scented candles and bath and body products made with soy and high quality essential oils. The results are awesomely fragrant products that smell amazing.

I love Suey’s Scents because they are a small company and the products are all handmade with care about the environment. The soy is sourced from US farmers and the ingredients are as pure and natural as possible.

The packaging for Suey’s Scents is not as green as I would prefer definitely not like skinnyskinny ‘sorganic eco-packaging but it is much harder to get good, affordable eco-packaging when you are a small company but I really would like to see Suey’s Scents stop relying on plastic wrap, shrink wrap, and plastic boxes and opt for greener alternatives like recyclable paper wrappings.

I think companies that offer green products often overlook the packaging and especially shipping materials. I’ve had so many companies send me green products in boxes and packaging that is unnecessary and totally not green. Suey’s packaging is minimal though as far as I can tell it is packaged in plastic shrink wrap and in plastic boxes, totally not green. Though the products themselves are green.

Other than the packaging the products are great.

The scents are addicting. I have fallen in love with the Cucumber Melon soap, body lotion and candle. The aroma has filled my home with the luscious fragrance of summer. I can’t wait to try some other scents and they have many. I am currently eying the Cinnamon Vanilla, Grandma’s Kitchen, and Christmas Mulberry (yes I am already looking to Fall and the Holidays for my scent collection). They keep adding new scents so you are sure to find something wonderful.

The prices are also something that will keep you coming back for more. So affordable. And today being green and affordable is a huge plus. A bar of the rich, natural aloe vera and shea butter soaps are only $3.50, a 4 ounce bottle of lotion is $5.00 and a 4 ounce bag of Bath Salts is $3.00. Candles range in price but start at $6.00 for a 4 ounce travel tin and a large 16 ounce apothecary jar candle is $16.00. That’s rather cheap for an all natural soy candle. I’ve seen some go for over $40.

Written by Wenona Napolitano

Wenona is married with three crazy kids that range in age from 4 to 18. She is a freelance writer, poet and the author of The Everything Green Wedding Book.

She enjoys reading, writing, crafting and gardening. She tries to do all of these as "greenly" as possible.

Her writing has appeared in several local and regional publications, Pack O Fun, Today's Creative Home Arts, and Indiana Living Green magazines as well as numerous online sites including,,, eHow, Associated Content, Suite101 and

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