Study: Thinking You’re Fat Makes You Fat – Eat Drink Better


Over at Eat Drink Better, Jeannie Moulton examines recent findings about the connection between body image and weight. Here’s an excerpt:

Food has much more effect on us than just nourishing our bodies. Foods affect our mood, our brains and how we feel. People can become addicted to certain foods. For example, if someone drinks a lot of coffee or eats a lot of refined sugar, when they don’t have it, it can make them feel really terrible.

Abruptly changing your diet or severely restricting yourself can work against you if you are too harsh on yourself…

You can read more on our sister site, Eat Drink Better.

What do you guys think about this study? I’ve definitely noticed that when I stop focusing on weight and instead focus on eating healthy food and staying active, I look and feel better. What about you?

Image credit: Creative Commons photo by charlottedownie

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