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Stinging Nettle Upholstery Fabric

The BCE Environmental Leadership Awards recently praised Camira Fabrics as a major innovating business for a low-carbon economy. Their Sting Plus fabrics were featured. Four years research for development was funded by UK’s government with academic and scientific input.

The BCE intention is to honor businesses that meet current commercial demands without compromising the environment for future generations. It is UK’s most prestigious environmental award to be had.

The sustainable Sting Plus fabric is produced from the common stinging nettle. The result is a unique, strong, soft, and naturally fire retardant textile. Camira blends nettle with pure wool for an ultimate environmental upholstery solution.

Wikipedia describes the stinging nettle for textile use as a bast fiber. Like linen, it’s produced by a retting process. Unlike cotton, nettles grow easily without pesticides. The fibers, however, are more coarse than flax or cotton.

The project involved research into nettle cultivation, cropping and fiber extraction; fiber processing, blending, weaving and dyeing, technical performance evaluation and life-cycle assessment.

The Sting Plus composition is 75% wool and 25% nettle. I’m thinking the primary seating and upholstery application could be expanded. How about luggage, bags or outerwear?

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Written by Delia Montgomery

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