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Skincare Gets Raw with Astara

I was talking to one of the leading ladies in “green” spas, Sara or Sara Elizabeth Skincare in San Diego, a couple of weeks ago when she let me in on a little secret…one of my FAVORITE skincare products (you know, the ones that you want to be blissfully ignorant about if they aren’t good for you) is actually more amazing than I ever knew.

In fact, she is guessing that these raw botanical products are the wave of the future for eco-conscious estheticians.

The Astara daily refining scrub ($37 for 6 oz.) comes from a line of products that uses high quality natural raw materials and does everything it can to preserve the integrity of nature-derived ingredients. Recognizing that our internal health is related to what we eat, they believe that our skin (the body’s largest organ) also relies on the best of foods to keep healthy, strong, vital and youthful. Because of this, Astara only uses lower-temperature, efficacy-preserving processing methods, never exceeding 105º F (36º C), to ensure fresh, live, active biocultures to benefit the skin.

The daily refining scrub is gentle and effective and leaves my skin feeling so soft. I love using it to wash away all of the dirt and stress of the day.

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Written by Courtney Carlisle Bolton

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