3 Simple Post-Holiday Detox Tips + Tricks

Simple Post-Holiday Detox Tips + Tricks
I don’t particularly care for the word “detox.”  Its potential underlying meaning is one of cleansing, starving, or subsisting on cayenne- and maple syrup-spiked water.  When I talk about a post-holiday detox, I’m referring to that period after the holidays wherein we all (don’t deny it) take a few days (some of us even take a few weeks — good for you!) to re-evaluate the food and drink with which we nourish ourselves.

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I think detoxes are kind of organic, honestly.  Most of the time, our bodies crave some green veg and clean, clear fluids after the holiday hedonism.  But, I also think it can be hard to detox if it’s a complicated endeavor.  I don’t want my children to go through a post-holiday detox, but I would prefer to make detox meals for myself that will double as meals or sides for them.  I don’t want to involve too many complicated foods or ingredients.  And, most importantly, I don’t want to restrict too much because that’ll make me a little crazy-pants.

 3 Post-Holiday Detox Tips + Tricks

1. Grains have a place in your post-holiday detox. 

Gluten-free grains (or seeds) like quinoa, buckwheat, brown rice, millet, and amaranth are healthy, filling vessels for veggies and fruits. Be sure to read the ingredient lists, though, especially if you’re purchasing flake cereals which contain any of these grains, as they may also contain corn or oats.  Try this perfect detox-friendly quinoa dish, which will also please those with which you co-habitate…

2. Make your detox a do-able endeavor, especially if you’re trying to feed your family.

Set your juicing equipment and fruits and veg out the night before (or pre-juice, but note that your juice will lose nutrients if it sits).  Make noon or evening dishes which your family can also eat (at least as a side).  Purchase yourself a large reusable water bottle, if you don’t already have one, and pre-fill it with your water and any add-ins (cucumber, lemon, etc.).  Then grab-and-go in the morning.  Keep a small container of tea in your purse, car, or desk so that it’s available when you need it.  Pre-pack raw nuts and seeds (in appropriate serving-sizes).  Also remember that, when detoxing, a homemade energy bar can be your bestie.

3. Don’t miss the point of a post-holiday detox.

It’s to think.  It’s to remember how nourishing and fueling food can be.  It’s to try to eliminate the nasty.  Sometimes a detox will make you cranky, but if it makes you miserable for a lengthy amount of time, don’t push it.  Just be mindful about what you eat and intentional about purchasing and consuming.

Read here for more fantastic tips and facts on how to detox with real food.

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Written by Leah Gehlsen Morlan

lives and works in Iowa City, Iowa. She has a film degree from the University of Iowa, and her interests include: watching & writing about film, chasing her kids around, childbirth, healthy cooking & living, and DIY body & baby products. Find me on Google+.

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