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Rock Angelina Jolie's Leather Look, Minus the Guilt – Part III

If you’ve been following this series, not only have you learned about how to make Angelina’s top choice in fabric much greener, you also picked up on what to do to avoid looking gaudy or trashy in a sleek leather skirt or pair of leather pants.  But what if you just don’t think you can pull off that much leather the way Angelina can?

Photo of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt by PR Photos
Good news!  Angelina has an answer to that one too.  In this photo, you’ll notice that Angelina is devoid of any leather, but she is utilizing one style trick that can easily be transferred to the leather look.  This is her at the Academy Awards, can you pinpoint her secret weapon?

Well, it’s certainly not the tattoos.  Of course!  It’s the stunning Lorraine Schwartz emerald drop earrings.  You can’t miss them!  It’s like a giant sign on her face shouting, “Look here! Look here!”  This one accessory alone, as I’m sure you’re well aware, caused a skyrocketing of Google searches and media fanfare.  Her drops are what the fashion world refers to as a true statement piece.  Although it is not a necessary component of every single outfit, it is definitely a central staple to any well-balanced wardrobe and can be used liberally.

And jewelry is not the only way to create a loud focal point within an ensemble.

Remember those second hand leather coats and skirts I told you to look for at consignment shops and in your family’s closets in Part I?  Well, now I’m going to reveal how you can turn those old garbs into knock-‘em-dead statement pieces that will be the envy of all of your friends.

First, instead of looking for standard black or chocolate colored leather pieces, which will undoubtedly demand a higher price tag, hunt down a wild, near-obnoxious color that you absolutely love, but that most people wouldn’t be caught dead in as a skirt or jacket.  I’m sure you’ll get a great deal on it if its risqué enough.

Next, take it to one of the most underrated fashion resources available: a good tailor.  Find yourself a decent seamstress or tailor and take those old colorful leather garments in for a custom upcycle.  That leather is valuable!  Under the craftsmanship of a talented alteration specialist you can turn those outdated garbs into fashionable new accessories.  (TIP:  Amazing tailors and seamstresses can be found on Craigslist just as easily as the yellow pages…the more ‘freelance’ and less commercial, the more affordable.)
Once you have your seamstress extraordinaire, turn that old leather into one of the following statement pieces:

Leather can be made into thick belts and used to cinch a shapeless jersey or sweater dress.  A bright color against a solid black, brown or neutral toned dress can really create a pop.

Leather makes for the highest quality material when it comes to handbags.  A handbag can enhance your outfit and serve as a text-book statement piece for multiple ensembles.  It can absolutely create the same effect as Angelina’s emerald earrings did.  (TIP:  If you’re not too keen on working one-on-one with your own tailor, Remade USA does credit its customers $20 toward the purchase of a handbag if you provide your own leather.)

Nothing says glamour in wintertime better than a stylish pair of bright-colored leather gloves.  Against a neutral wool jacket they create an eye-grabbing focal point, a helpful trick for when your entire outfit is covered in outerwear.

Photo by Fahmina & Green With GlamourPhoto by Fahmina & Green With Glamour

Yes, leather can even be refashioned into trendy bangles, earrings and pendants sure to land you a few compliments.  Like these punk blue cuffs and saucy feather earrings made with reclaimed leather by the hand of the talented Fahmina, available at Green With Glamour.

That’s it for our 3-part series on how to rock Angelina’s fall look…now go get your eco-leather on!

About the Author
Katherine is an eco-enthusiast and owner of Green Diva, a socially-responsible jewelry boutique that uses ethical materials exclusively; such as recycled precious metals, Fair Trade gems and pearls, organic elements and reclaimed materials.

Written by Katherine DalPra

Kathy is an eco-enthusiast and the owner/designer for Green Diva Jewelry, an eco jewelry boutique featuring recycled, reclaimed, renewable and fair trade materials.


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