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Retroactif: Banner Bags Carry it All

Banner BagsFlorida-based, Retroactif, re-purposes promotional banners to craft great looking handbags in a variety shapes and styles. From their sturdy Hobo shapes to their exceptionally useful messenger style bags, these great looking, vibrantly patterned bags make great purses, laptop totes, beach bags and grocery totes for the bold and fashionable.

Fashioned from street banners, billboards and wallscapes used at events and typically made with non-biodegradable materials to withstand wind and rain that would typically end up in landfills, the company neatly cuts and folds the scavenged materials into functional form.

Written by Courtney Carlisle Bolton

When she isn't writing or in the library, this tech savvy ecophile can usually be found glued to her mobile or macbook ogling the latest gadgets, scouting the newest designs, traveling or out enjoying the Colorado terrain.

Courtney holds two masters degrees in Psychology and Communications and received her BA from Vanderbilt University in Psychology and English. She recently relocated from Los Angeles to Denver, CO where she is pursuing her PhD in Family and Child Psychology.

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