Recycled Jewelry, Transcendental Translucence, Opalescent Vibrations

recycled jewelry

Creative use of our lives and using what we have already can help offset the modern woes and ills of our material culture. Bringing balance to the overwhelming ‘stuff’ of our world is what some creative artists are presently doing.

Green sea glass, weathered and smooth, the same light hue of water in the tropics or in the Croatian sea, is one of my favorite things on earth. Finding a piece of green sea glass, experience something similar to the gentle Bushman in the film, The Gods Must Be Crazy. In that film the hero finds a coke bottle in the desert and believes it came for the Gods and that he must return it. As an artist I feel a similar push to return the green glass of the ocean to its creator, but I take the more metaphorical route. I feel an urge to bring it home as a glass sculpture, an earring, or necklace. Green or blue recycled glass finds a home as wearable art, bringing the ocean, the sense of sky and space above and below closer to our body. Making use of recycled glass, plastic, etc. is putting the “stuff” of our world into a simple space.

I began years ago as a jewelry designer before I stopped to consider the wear and tear on the Earth created by mining those precious gemstones. My supplies still have these resources in them, based on 3 decades of accumulation. As an astrologer, I learned how gemstones can balance out problems in one’s astro chart. For example, wearing or even owning pearls, ruby, or garnet helps balance my deeply abstract artistic Libra moon.

Despite my love for gemstones, I am still more deeply attracted to recycled glass. The vibrations of this picked up my spirits as well.  My previous work as a Gem Stone Therapist helped develop an intuition to notice and simulate the healing vibrations of different gemstones.  The high vibrations of recycled glass and opalite, a man-made stone, have affected me time and again.

Remember finding this glass, safe now, no jagged edges left yet still tuned, carrying the energy of the waves, the sand that rubbed it, and deeper oceanic movements.

Remember the times you stood in the spell of luminescence, light spilling over our little planet, casting splashes of iridescence, white and light gold, blue, and lights misting among the dark green green leaves of the trees you stood between.

LunaLightsVibrations on Etsy features these items.

Written by Cynthia Shahan

is an Organic Farmer, Classical Homeopath, Art Teacher, Creative Writer, Anthropologist, Natural Medicine Activist, Journalist, and mother of four unconditionally loving spirits, teachers, and environmentally conscious beings who have lit the way for me for decades.

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