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Psi Bands: Stylish and Drug Free Nausea Relief

Psi BandsSpring Break, Summer Vacation…time to travel, but what do you do if you get motion sickness? Psi Bands offer drug-free relief from nausea with stylish reusable bands.

Psi Bands (pronounced sigh bands) are acupressure bands that can help relieve nausea by putting pressure on the Nei-kuan pressure point on the wrist which will alleviate the symptoms of nausea-without drugs.

Psi Bands come in five fun designs and are adjustable to fit just about any wrist size. They are reusable and affordable. They retail for around $15.00 a set and are waterproof.

In addition to relief from motion sickness nausea, Psi Bands also offer nausea relief from morning sickness, chemotherapy, and anesthesia.

I tried a set to help me with migraine related nausea and it helped…for the nausea. Too bad there’s not a band or something for drug free migraine relief.

My husband tried the bands for nausea relief from antibiotics, the bands were a bit too tight so he couldn’t leave them on very long. I guess the set I have is not a unisex set or else my hubby just has really large wrists.

I’m going to keep the Psi bands on hand in their reusable case for me and the kids just in case anyone has tummy issues when we are out and about.

If you need nausea relief or think you may in the future grab a set of Psi Bands to look stylish while battling your nausea because there’s no need to be green with nausea when you can be green with Psi Bands.

Written by Wenona Napolitano

Wenona is married with three crazy kids that range in age from 4 to 18. She is a freelance writer, poet and the author of The Everything Green Wedding Book.

She enjoys reading, writing, crafting and gardening. She tries to do all of these as "greenly" as possible.

Her writing has appeared in several local and regional publications, Pack O Fun, Today's Creative Home Arts, and Indiana Living Green magazines as well as numerous online sites including,,, eHow, Associated Content, Suite101 and

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