Plant-Based Enzyme Spa and Water Maintenance Product: Clear Choice

This is a guest post from Zachary Shahan. Zach is the director of CleanTechnica and Planetsave, and is co-director of EcoLocalizer (all sister sites of Feelgood Style in the Important Media network). He does a lot of good, green living writing over on Planetsave!


Although a long-accepted cleansing agent for spa water treatment, hot tubs, pools, showers, etc., chlorine — we now know — strips away too much. Chlorine kills all kinds of germs. However, it also affects the skin and lungs in devastating ways. I think I’m particularly affected by chlorine, but, truthfully, it’s bad for us all, whether we recognize it or not.

When I moved to North Carolina, I was having a problem with my skin. It was getting completely dried out. I decided to finally get a filter for my shower head that would dechlorinate the water, thinking that might help. I was always a little skeptical about those things but also curious to get one and try it out. It worked wonders — had a huge, positive impact on my skin. I should really get one again, as I am having similar skin problems as I had before,… but not sure if there are such options for the shower head I know have.

Anyway, back to spas….

Chlorine can now be successfully replaced in spas or hot tubs, where it is used a ton, with highly-effective agents that are non-toxic and not threatening to the support systems of our bodies, our environment, and our immune system.

The bio terrain of our bodies, as well as the planet beneath us, and the water and air around us, deserve to be maintained, supported, and well-balanced. If you’re going to indulge in a spa/hot tub, you should really do so in a way that is truly good for your body.

One good-looking option out there for you hot tub lovers (a group I’m definitely a part of) is Clear Choice, recommended to me by a friend of the family. This popular alternative to immune-stripping chlorine is plant- and natural-enzyme-based, safe for people, pets, and our planet.

To find out more about this new maintenance option for your spa, or to buy and use a Clear Choice Natural Hot Tub & Spa Water Treatment Kit, go to Adventure Hot Tubs & Pools.

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Written by Zachary Shahan

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