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Perfectly Flushed Blush

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In the summer, when we have a bit of natural glow, it is easy to find the right blush.  If you need one at all.  Once pale skin season hits it can be a lot more difficult.  Bronze doesn’t quite cut it.  Apricot can appear way too orange-y.  And for us fair skinned gals, pinks are a slippery slope.

Well, I found the answer to my blusher dreams this week in Vapour Organic Beauty Aura Multi Use Blush in Spark.  It is the perfect combo of pink and coral.  And it goes on so sheer it lends that just-stepped-in-from-the-cold flush and no more.  Top it off with RMS Beauty Living Luminizer for an ethereal, lit-from-within radiance.

‘Tis the season, after all.

Image by vonSchnauzer at, Creative Commons license

Written by Liz Thompson

I am an organic beauty expert, writer, and mom of two young environmentalists who can already spot a toxic product when they see one. Read more about me at Organic Beauty, and find me on , Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

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