Paul Mitchell and Urban Decay Say No to Animal Testing

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Animal testing in the cosmetics industry is more than just cruel – it’s unnecessary – and it’s great to see big brands like Paul Mitchell and Urban Decay taking a stand against this practice!

We’ve talked about cruelty-free cosmetics before, and there are still many companies – large and small – that insist on testing on animals. The trouble with animal testing isn’t even about animal rights. It’s that it doesn’t even really make our cosmetics any safer. Animal testing can only give a limited idea of how products will affect humans. The time, effort, and expense just isn’t worth it, and more and more companies are starting to see that.

Paul Mitchell and Urban Decay already eschewed animal testing for their products here in the U.S. and in the E.U., and now they’re taking a stand in China. The Chinese government requires that cosmetics undergo some animal testing, and these two brands are now refusing to sell in China until this changes.

As China’s economy continues to grow, consumers there are having more of an impact on the world economy and on big brands, as they begin catering more to this market. High five to Paul Mitchell and to Urban Decay for sticking to their ethical guns, even if this means they might not yet be able to enter China’s booming cosmetics market!

Not sure if your beauty products were tested on animals? Some careful label-reading is the key to finding out. Many cruelty-free beauty companies go beyond just stating on the label that they don’t test on animals, and you can look for third-party certifications like Leaping Bunny to find beauty products that don’t come with a side of unnecessary animal cruelty.

How do you guys feel about animal testing in cosmetics? Is finding cruelty-free beauty products important to you?

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Written by Becky Striepe

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