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Organic Underwear and T-Shirts from Naia Rico

organic underwear

Does the name Naia Rico sound familiar? If you follow green designers, this International stylist is one to watch!

Naia honors both genders well, and she does so once again with the new KOLAM COLLECTION, a line of organic underwear for women and men.

KOLAM was a young Parisian brand founded 2006. The company founder, Aurélien Dahan, focused on quality fabrics and details while appeasing his fashion passion with intentions to make the world a better place.

KOLAM became KOLAM COLLECTION when designer Naia and Aurélien met in 2010. My Organic Tshirt was born with basics to appeal to the urban fashion scene. Naia became co-owner as well.

Organic Underwear and T-Shirts

Let’s face it, underwear is our second skin no matter how you wear it. This collection has you covered with two lines of organic cotton staples: t-shirts in nine colors and underwear in seven colors. The shades are basics or brightly express joy and dynamic energy as pictured here.

They’re simple to shop for in S,M,L sizes and what’s really fun is how each garment comes packaged in a recycled metal can. The cans are manufactured in India, as is the organic cotton.

The mill and fabric are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. Garment production is also in India with FLO (Fair Trade Labeling Organization) status. Workshops are managed on a daily basis with respect to human rights.

organic underwear and t-shirts

The KOLAM Collection boutique in Paris has a branch office in Dubai. American earthlings may order online for now. I’ll follow up soon to announce their newest retailer in LA, so return to this site soon!

Parlez-vous français? Then check out the blog for more info about developments from this exciting ethical company.


Written by Delia Montgomery

I am Delia, d/b/a Chic Eco on, and established myself as an eco fashion guru by learning "who makes what in the world of environmental fashion and design."

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In fact, gardening is my ultimate joy. I seek gigs like design, weeding and planting between other jobs. My love is Hawai'i which has more climate zones than any state. There are frequent earthquakes here, typically under a 3.0 magnitude, and I happen to dig the vibrations. It's a wonderful simple life in paradise. As I grow older and wiser, I become more and more grateful.


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