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NEW Lip Shines from RMS Beauty: Sexy, sleek and stunning!

rms beauty lip shine
rms beauty in 'bloom'

Gisele – you know, the gorgeous one with the legs, and the hair, and the body, gracing just about every magazine cover and catalog in the world – apparently suffers from a chronic beauty dilemma; she has a difficult time finding the perfect shade of lip gloss.

Enter Rose-Marie Swift, Gisele’e go-to makeup artist and creator of rms beauty, arguably the most successful line of (truly) organic cosmetics to hit the market. While creating her latest Oh-My-God-Perfection addition to rms beauty, the ‘lip shine’, she was determined to create the perfect shade for Ms. Bundchen. Apparently, she succeeded. “Gisele freaked over [lip shine in ‘moment’],” she told me recently, “and wore it to all 3 of the UN events [for which] I did her makeup.”

As it turns out, Gisele knows a good lip gloss when she wears it. And rms beauty’s new lip shine glosses are definitely freak-out-worthy; I wish I could describe the texture and color in a way that did them justice, but they are unlike anything I’ve seen before, making it nearly impossible! rms beauty lip shine in ‘bloom,’ a muted rose-pink, has a rich yet subtle sheen that reminds me a bit of pink taffy. On the lips, the finish is glossy without looking like plastic wrap, shimmery without the slightest hint of glitter. Very sophisticated, and extremely sexy.

rms beauty lip shine in ‘moment,’ Gisele’s new big fave, looks almost beige brown in the jar, but on the lips it takes on a natural red tone (note: if you have extremely pale, whitish lips, like me, this shade may look a bit too brown, in which case I recommend ‘bloom’). “It is for a woman who wants a sensual mouth without drawing attention to the gloss itself,” is how Swift brilliantly captures the ‘moment.’ Like the top-selling living luminizer, both lip sheens manage to enhance a woman’s natural beauty without screaming, “Look at my makeup!”

And like all rms beauty products, all ingredients are hand-selected by Swift to ensure each one is of the highest quality and purest state. All ingredients, save the mineral color, are certified organic, with no added fragrance or flavors. Although launched a mere week ago, the lip sheen is already a best-seller, and thus far the consensus is that they should most definitely be part of every woman’s  “holy grail” collection.

Written by Terri Bly

Terri Bly is the founder of The Nature of Beauty, LTD, an all-eco website, shop, and spa. She is a freelance writer, currently residing in Minneapolis.

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