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Natural Allergy Remedies

It’s allergy season, or at least it was a month or two ago.  But this year’s super dry weather is causing allergies to last and last.  While there is relief through over-the-counter and prescription medication, this, in my view, should be a temporary fix, not a long term solution.  After a while you start to wonder, “Which is making me feel worse, the allergies or the allergy medication?”.

This got me searching for more natural remedies to our congestion and headaches.  The first, and most common, solution I came across is the Neti pot.  We like the bottle version.  A good rinse, especially at end of day, really helps to clear the sinuses and get rid of pollen and dust.  Be sure you are using distilled or purified water in your Neti pot or bottle.  Tap water could contain bacteria that you do not want in your head.

Investing in a decent air purifier with a HEPA filter clears out pollen and impurities, and may help to clear your head too.  Put one in your office or bedroom.

An herbal remedy that cropped up on both Mother Nature News and WebMD was Butterbur.  Apparently a Swiss study showed the herb, when taken four times daily, quelled allergy symptoms as well as a popular antihistamine.  Remember:  Always consult your physician before starting any type of herbal regimen.

When I received my order from Pratima Skincare last week it came with a couple of spot on samples, one of which was her Shatavari Pain Relief Body Oil.  Since we have been seriously headache-prone around here we didn’t have to wait long to try it out.  We rubbed the oil on our temples foreheads and a tiny smudge just above our top lip, and felt that it really did alleviate some of our pain.  Another bonus–the scent is crazy good!  I am thinking of ordering a full size bottle to wear as fragrance.  Preventive medicine, right?

Our pediatrician also recommends showering and putting on clean clothes after spending time outdoors to get rid of pollen and dust you may inhale.  Armed with these natural allergy remedies I hope to see us cut down on the prescription and OTC variety.

Do you use natural allergy remedies?  If so, please share…

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Written by Liz Thompson

I am an organic beauty expert, writer, and mom of two young environmentalists who can already spot a toxic product when they see one. Read more about me at Organic Beauty, and find me on , Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

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