My Homeopathic Experience with Hyland’s

I was recently sent a gift basket of Hyland’s homeopathic remedies.  While I have always been interested in the idea of homeopathic treatments, I really do not know much about this alternative practice.  Do you?

So, I went about finding out more before actually trying any of the products.

Homeopahty (aka homeopathic medicine) is a whole medical system developed in Germany over 200 years ago, used to treat ailments as well as prevent them.  This alternate medicine has been practiced in the US since early 1800’s. 

In homeopathy it is believed that “like cures like”, meaning a condition can be cured by a substance that produces similar symptoms in healthy people.  While some studies support this theory, the general consensus is that the practice does little to actually treat illness.  That said, there is very little research to rely on where homeopathy is concerned.

Homeopathic medicines are very diluted, and many people swear by homeopathic treatment.  Just be sure to always tell your health care provider of any alternative medicinal practices you may be using.

Ok, back to my gift pack.  This was a Hyland’s Adult Gift Basket and included; Calms Forte (a sleep aid), Nerve Tonic (a stress reliever), Leg Cramps (to relieve pain from), Restful Legs (to relieve symptoms of), Arnica 30x (said to help with bruising, swelling, aches, pains, and muscle soreness), Bioplasma (a combo of minerals and salts designed to promote cellular health), Muscle Therapy Strips (strips to help with sore muscles), Muscle Therapy Gel (Arnica gel). 

Many people do suffer from leg issues, but I do not and don’t know anyone who does personally, so did not try out the Leg Cramps or Restful Legs therapies.  If I do have a bout with leg cramps at any point I will give it a go.

I did try the Calms Forte and the Nerve Tonic though.  I deal with head and neck pain regularly so the Nerve Tonic was an easy one for me.  And I did feel like it relaxed the pain somewhat.  Whether a placebo effect or not, if it helps it helps.  I did sleep like a baby the night I took the Calms Forte, but almost always do and did not have the opportunity to take it on a sleepless night, as they are thankfully few and far between.

As for the Arnica products.  Arnica is a terrific ingredient and I do usually have a tube on hand for burns, cuts, scrapes, and bruises.  It is a natural soother and helps in healing.  But I usually use a pure Arnica gel with possibly a plant oil added.  Hyland’s brand does contain a couple of thickeners that, while probably officially classified as “natural”, there are more natural ingredients that I would recommend.  And the Arnica strips contain propylene glycol, a definite no-no.

While I am always grateful to those who send me their products to sample and review, I have to tell it to you straight.  And the straight answer from me here is:  If you feel that homeopathic medicine is benefitting you, and you have cleared it with your primary care doctor, I say “Go for it”.

If you are in the market to experiment with some homeopathic treatments, Hyland’s is definitely the place to start.  They have been around for a good long time (the Hyland’s Pharmacy was established in 1903!) and carry so many products it is dizzying.  Everything from stress, to allergies, to cough and cold remedies.  Must say, I am interested in trying out the Migraine formula.

Do you have experience with homeopathic treatments?  Please share your comments with us!

Writer:  Liz Thompson – Organic Beauty Source – Green beauty news, trends, and reviews.

Image:  Daisy Starr at, Creative Commons license.

Written by Liz Thompson

I am an organic beauty expert, writer, and mom of two young environmentalists who can already spot a toxic product when they see one. Read more about me at Organic Beauty, and find me on , Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.


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