My Garden Rant: You Grow Girl!

Lately I’ve had a case of Spring and now nearing Summer fever for flowers and all things related to gardening for the soul. While my Garden Rants have focused on increasing indoor air quality with plants, let’s now take a look outdoors with a site like You Grow Girl, pb220010.jpgdedicated to making things bloom with grace! Featuring all kinds of organic gardening ideas and resources such as Abundant Life Seed Company which is a non-profit that preserves the genetic diversity of plants by growing and distributing open-pollinated certified organic (or with the biodynamic method of farming) seeds to home and community gardeners everywhere.

YGG has been inspiring healthy gardeners for almost a decade now with what they describe as a “contemporary, laid-back approach to gardening that places equal importance on environmentalism, style, affordability, art, and humour.”

Communities such as this offer great tips for getting closer to nature and discovering the constant ways we are nourished by it. Sites like YGG, GR, and Sustainable-Gardening help sow seeds of knowledge no matter where you are on the planet. Some places on Earth make it easier to start personal and community gardens with projects like Victory Gardens in San Francisco for example. These projects are a source of needed change, and a way to express our appreciation for the natural world.

Hawaiian Hibiscus image via yours truly.

Written by Lucille Chi

Lucy Chi loves good green design, ethical fashion, environmental art and education, renewables, holistic healing and more. She has been dedicating her energies toward finding and drawing attention to all the ways in which products, companies, and industries are moving toward creating a more sustainable world on the global scale, as well as the way individuals are moving toward living sustainably, and healing at the personal level.

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