More Hemp Sun Dressing, with a Lot of Flax

This hot number is appropriately named the Ibiza Rainbow Dress. Why so? Glad you asked!

Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands located in the Mediterranean Sea, belonging to Spain. The island is well known for summer parties that attract loads of tourists. Actually though, I read that the Spanish Tourist Office is trying to shed the prevailing fun, booze and sex image for a more family-oriented draw. Hard goal since it is also home to the “West End” party district of Sant Antoni, a popular stop for playful visitors.

But whether you wear this dress in Ibiza or anywhere else, it spells comfort in the heat. Ecolution® by Pan World Traders, Inc. makes the knit, which consist of 42% hemp and 58% flax, and produces the dress in Romania. Available in what else? — two different shades of green; sizes extra small to extra large.

For hot weather, both hemp and flax hold superior conductive qualities. That means the wearer feels cool, comfortable and fresh in very hot and/or humid conditions. You probably know hemp is resistant to mold. Hence, Ibiza or any salt-water region is a perfect match. The shaft-like structure of the hemp fiber molecule allows it to wick moisture right off the body and dry quickly. Even feel warm when wet in cold conditions.

Hey, — drink hemp beer, dance in a stunning eco-green dress, and get thrown in the water! Who cares?

Written by Delia Montgomery

I am Delia, d/b/a Chic Eco on, and established myself as an eco fashion guru by learning "who makes what in the world of environmental fashion and design."

Enjoy reading some of my freelance writing about environmental design, fashion and art -- from both consumer and supplier perspectives. You may notice I focus most on individual eco designers, movers and shakers.

From sustainable fashion apparel to paint and flooring, discoveries are a rush. I get my kicks this way. I also offer sales representation of earth-friendly designed products for wholesale buyers. Retailers may take advantage of my services with factory-direct pricing. Spend less time sourcing and prevent green-washed purchases!

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I'm originally a Kentucky Blue Grass gal who relocated to Maui early 2006 and the tropical Puna District of Big Island, Hawaii late 2007. Walk the talk is my motto here.

Early 2009 I constructed a yurt home office in a semi-urban setting on a tiny lot. My water comes from the sky, contained in a catchment that's not likely to dry in this rain forest. The electric is designed for solar conversion. I grow about 30% of my food organically, compost, and recycle to the hilt. Permaculture with a full eco system is my gardening style.

In fact, gardening is my ultimate joy. I seek gigs like design, weeding and planting between other jobs. My love is Hawai'i which has more climate zones than any state. There are frequent earthquakes here, typically under a 3.0 magnitude, and I happen to dig the vibrations. It's a wonderful simple life in paradise. As I grow older and wiser, I become more and more grateful.

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