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Miessence Organic Foundation is the Perfect Primer That is Also Good to Your Skin

I was fortunate enough to have professional make up artists as friends. They told me the industry secrets as well as tips of looking beautiful or  at least well put together. Almost all of the make up artists I have come across stressed the importance of a good foundation. A good foundation provided the “canvas” in which the make up become the paint that either contoured or highlighted a face. And since foundations usually covers the entire face; it is essential that this foundation is not only a good primer, but good for your skin as well.

Miessence Translucent Foundation heeds this call in a very good way. It’s a pure and natural make-up that is made with certified Organic ingredients. Best of all; Miessence foundation provides a light yet flawless coverage that’s perfect during the daytime; but worthy of night time consideration with a finishing powder.  Other reasons why you might want to consider Miessence foundation:

  • Made with the pure ingredients that are SO good for your skin. I love the herbal like smell that is void of toxic chemicals. You would be surprised what’s REALLY in traditional cosmetics. FDA doesn’t regulate make-ups, so it’s a free for all within that industry.
  • Protects against pollution, UV rays and free radicals.
  • Looks natural in any light; it is a sheer light coverage that looks NATURAL. Evens out skin tone which is what you want a foundation to do. Caked on, and it starts to look like a mask.
  • Keeps skin hydrated and protected throughout the day. Contains the added benefits of organic, nourishing seed and fruit oils.

The only downside is that it’s grainy which I believe is because it’s a mineral make-up. The graininess is only initially after the application of the foundation. I also did find that the foundation can peel if your face isn’t hydrated enough, so definitely moisturize before you apply. Miessence is a trusted company {established the first certified Organic beauty products}, so Eco-conscious beauties have the ease of trusting an established green brand that’s quite luxurious as well. Having a good foundation is a worthy investment and Miessence translucent foundation should definitely be a consideration for your beauty regiment.

Written by Susie Kim-Carberry

Susie Kim-Carberry is a professional writer who's been featured in numerous publications, both in print and online. She started as a features writer for The Bayonet Newspaper in 1997 and studied print journalism at the University of Georgia's Grady College of Journalism and Mass Media. Kim-Carberry is currently focusing on online media as a freelance writer, content producer and also serves as a site editor for Important Media. A self-confessed travel addict, her other equally important job is being a semi-crunchy mom to her two daughters. She tries to maintain a balanced life through her yoga practice and secretly dreams of being a Parisian one day.

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