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Men’s Summer Fashion Trends

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Summer activities may be coming to a close, but the weather still commands hot summer style.

Summer brings fun trends, risky outfits and colorful patterns. Men’s fashion can be just as unique and inventive as women’s, and the summer of 2013 brought some new trends as well as introduced us to some old trends. The world’s best known designers have brought us summer collections that are being worn by celebrities and others everywhere.

Club Monaco does many things well, but this year they introduced a new bathing suit line. Katin by Club Monaco, which is a California-based surf label, was in collaboration with Club Monaco for this collection. Katin has been making bathing suits for surfers since the 1950s. The mixture of modern aesthetic and traditional shape works perfectly and the best of both companies are encompassed in their board shorts. For those looking for a more affordable option, Old Navy and Express have modern and fun bathing suits this summer.

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Even though brights are a big part of summer fashion, pastels have made their way onto the scene. Whether it be pastel jeans or pastel v-necks, they are a big trend this summer. UNIQLO is the brand that has always offered staple times for affordable prices, and this summer they have created many pastels for men. Suits are a huge trend for businessmen and have to be prominent with designers. Vintage suits, florals and pastels are all a part of the summer men’s trends.

Camouflage has been around and has not been too much of a fashion trend in the past 10 years, but it a staple item in some parts of the country. Some designers, like Jimmy Choo, have brought camouflage into trend. Jimmy Choo has a men’s line of shoes most recently, and has introduced a camouflage loafer. Another staple item that is making a comeback for men’s fashion is stripes. Stripes are used in most fashion trends, but more bold patterns have come through with brands like Michael Kors. Mixing patterns can be risky, but stripes can be utilized more with other patterns like floras.

Along with popular summer patterns are animal prints. Designer Emporio Armani showed animal print on their summer runway. For those men who want to introduce animal print into their wardrobe, Zara has wallets and accessories available. The brand You Must Create has items such as animal print shorts available. Animal print can be partnered with solids or patterns and is also prominent in women’s summer fashion.

The last summer trend that is sure to transfer to fall as well is denim jeans, blazers, buttons up and so much more. Denim has become very popular in 2013 and has been revamped with patterns like floral and animal print. Even denim suits are big this summer, whether it be pieced with solids or patterns, it works.

Now that summer is almost over, it’s time to start looking into business attire for men. Vintage suits have become extremely popular. You can find men’s suits at

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